THE HOLE IN THE GUT (Hålet i magen) is a poetic artfilm. A broken silence. A letter to an absent mother. A mirroring through generations, time, cultures and borders. "Every mother contains her daughter and every daughter her mother" - C G Jung.(Ongoing)

SEARCHING HOME (Hitta Hem) is about R who is constantly moving and searching for her home, her tribe. In a conversation with T, she finds a mirror and a way to understand herself and the longing. The film is also about "strength", performance and physical shut down as a cover up for fragility. (Post production)

GOLD & SNOWFLAKES is an experimental and personal short film. It revolves around gifts, value and how they are connected to freedom, love and loss.

I SEE YOU, an installation and art projection for the Harvesting feast at Vickleby, Öland, 2018

INTIMACY is an Art Film created for projecting on an installation such as the one in the picture.